With Journey Fitness, my goal is to try to help people embark on the journey of a healthier lifestyle. As a former Personal Trainer, I’ve heard TONS of excuses/reasons why a person that is in the gym, but is TOTALLY lost, can’t start a guided workout program. Honestly, I would always think, “you want to start…that’s why you came into the gym and met with a Trainer; for some reason, you just don’t think you’ll be successful.” We all make excuses. Not having enough time, not feeling motivated, not knowing what to do, being embarrassed, and not being able to afford the tools (the equipment, the trainer, or the food), are all reasons that I have heard and dealt with. My goal, is to try to break down as many of those barriers, for as many people as possible. Making the changes to be in your best shape, is a process. Not just for some, it is a process for everyone! It’s truly a journey. When we see the girl at the beach with the bangin’ bikini body, we don’t see the blood, sweat, and tears that she puts in at the gym. We also don’t see the calluses on her hands from lifting, we may not hear her rants about foods that she craves, but resists. When we look at the guy with the perfect physique, we don’t see the countless hours of meal-prep he puts in, or the nights with friends that he spends sober (or completely misses) because he chooses to watch his caloric intake. We just want their bodies! I want #JourneyFitness to help people embrace the journey of leading a healthier lifestyle. It’s not going to happen in one consultation, one workout, or even from completing one program. It’s a process. A #journey. Its not a quick trip, it’s a JOURNEY… I want to be that guide, that coach that is with you every step of the way, even if I have to literally teach you how to work out. THAT’S what Journey Fitness is about! THAT’S what I am here for: to help you #MakeTheJourney !

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