Che'Vonne Bryan

Make The Journey

With experience in the fitness industry dating back to 2001, Che'Vonne is no stranger to fitness! A graduate of Grand Valley State University, her Bachelor's Degree in Movement Science has allowed her to gain experience in a variety of job titles, in a multitude of environments. Aside from undergrad experience working with collegiate athletes and an internship at the high school level, her exposure includes:

> Physical Therapy
> Corporate Wellness
> Commercial Fitness
> Private ventures
> Even the Military!

Her certifications include:

> ACE (Personal Training, and Sports Conditioning)
> The American Red Cross (CPR/ AED)
> HITT (High-Intensity Tactical Training)!!

She is a full-time employee, a wife, a small business owner, and a mother of three (a teenager, and 2 toddlers), that is on a fitness journey of her own! She fully understands the need to have services to be convenient and readily available! She is excited to provide a variety of personalized, convenient, and effective fitness services that will help you improve your physical fitness, athletic performance, and your quality of life!

No matter your fitness goals, she's here to help you 'Make the Journey'!!!

The Area of My Expertise

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Running 90%
Nutrition 97%
Gym 85%

My Certificates