The concept of online personal training is fairly new. It’s so new, that many people are still skeptical to the point of thinking that it’s somehow a scam! I understand. Often, things that seem too good to be true usually are. Especially on the internet! Online personal training isn’t one of those things. I’d like to give some information about online personal training, it’s benefits, and how you can tell if you’d be a good fit for an online program.

Typically, to hire a personal trainer in person, be prepared to pay $25-$90 per session/hour. Often, in a package, the client will have the choice (based on goals and needs for guidance) to train with the trainer from 1-5 times per week, for the hourly (or per session) rate. The average person, can afford, and finds it reasonable to train 2-3 times each week. Let’s say Trainer Lisa (an average trainer, in a corporate fitness club) charges $50/hour and likes to see her clients 3 times per week. Trainer Lisa will typically be giving a personalized workout for 3 days, then assigning cardio on 2 days, and rest for the last 2 days. This can end up costing the client about $600/month! With online training, a client can often get their entire regimen laid out for the month. Detailed and personalized workout, and cardio days, along with periodic (according to the trainer and client needs) accountability, are all included in a monthly fee that is often a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

If you’ve ever hired a personal trainer before (hopefully, it was a good Online Personal Training infographicexperience), you understand how another person can help motivate you, and help you get quality results from your fitness regimen. For many, it’s about accountability. Having someone to report to, helps create necessity leading to consistency, and ultimately…results. For some though, the thought of another appointment, meeting, or time-sensitive ‘thing’ on their schedule is daunting. Sometimes, the restriction and rigidity of an appointment can create a form of anxiety that is counterproductive to client consistency. Online personal training allows the client to look at a calendar, see what the workout will be, and get it done at the time that is best and most convenient for them. No pushing back the baby’s nap to fight rush hour traffic because Trainer Lisa is only available to you at 4pm! Workout when it’s convenient for YOU!

How do you know if you are a good fit? Honestly, the most successful #JourneyFitness clients already possess a basic level of motivation to workout. Ideal candidates for online personal training may already workout, but have hit a plateau, or haven’t been able to get the results they’d hoped for. If you are ready to take your workouts to the next level, and just need an extra push, you’ll be great for #onlinepersonaltraining! Usually, if you have issues keeping appointments for in-person training, or maintaining your commitment to yourself in regards to working out, you will possibly have issues with getting your workouts done on your own. As always, the best way to determine if something is right for you is to give it a try. The main thing is to evaluate yourself and be honest about where you are in your commitment to your #fitnessjourney. THAT will be the main determining factor with any training program. The most important thing you can do is #getstarted!

Have you ever worked with a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach? How was your experience? Are you interested in giving Online Personal Training a try, but don’t want to make a long term commitment? Try my 21 Day Fitness Kickstart! A fun, challenging, group program designed to help you get started on your journey while helping you lose 3-10 lbs. If you are more interested in 1 on 1 training you can always sign up here. I’m excited to help you #MakeTheJourney!

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