I got involved with GetFit21 when I was looking for a solid, science-based nutrition program to accommodate my online personal training offered through Journey Fitness. After reviewing the information, and getting details, I decided that the last test to see if I wanted to get involved was to see how I liked the meal replacement protein that was used by GetFit21, Complete. I asked for my doctor’s approval and got started. Since I’m not the best with remembering my prenatal vitamins, I figured this would be a great nutritional supplement for me, while I also test it out for my potential clients. Not only did I enjoy the smoothness of the protein, the vanilla flavor was actually good whether I mixed it with water, or milk (I only drink almond or soy milk).

I quickly got certified as a metabolic training coach through GetFit21, and got started with putting together my first group. I’ve been using Complete for the last few months and have been able to totally control my weight gain! I have only gained 3lbs since June, and have been the same weight for the past 6 weeks! Baby is healthy and growing right on schedule. As I stated before, I’m not obsessed with the scale (I only weigh myself at the doctor’s office), but being able to control pregnancy weight gain is huge! Especially when you can’t always control pregnancy cravings…I surely haven’t! I simply try to eat a balanced diet, and I have a go-to workout that I do at least 3 times each week!

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